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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the Feasibility Study take into account updated population assessment, to size any proposed additions or new construction accordingly?

Yes, the School Committee and the MSBA have agreed on updated population estimates for Millis that would be included in the Feasibility Study as part of the project sizing.

Do we know whether we are renovating the Middle/High School, or constructing a new building or what type of building?

The MSBA Feasibility Study process is estimated to take 18 months and the School Building Committee (SBC) is required to evaluate both addition/renovation and new construction options. The SBC intends to actively seek community engagement along the way through a series of community forums that will provide information on the possible updates or improvements to the Middle/High School building.  The project team and SBC will explore multiple addition/renovation and new construction options to find a solution that is best for the Town of Millis.

What is the MSBA Reimbursement rate for this project?

Millis’ expected reimbursement rate for this project is between 55 and 59% based on all incentives for which the project may qualify to receive.  While this is the reimbursement rate for the entire project, the MSBA does cap the amount of total dollars in some categories that are eligible for reimbursement.  More details will be provided once final estimates are complete and the MSBA has reviewed the submission in Spring 2025.

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